Teaching English to novice monks

Over 95% of the population of Thailand is Buddhist and most men in Thailand will at some point in their life make the journey to become a Monk. Part of this process for younger men under the age of 20 is to become a Novice Monk or Samanera. Temporary ordination is the norm among Thai Buddhists. Most young men traditionally ordain for the term of a single rainy season (known as phansa in Thai). Those who remain monks beyond their first phansa, typically remain monks for between one and three years, officiating at religious ceremonies in surrounding villages and receiving further education in reading and writing. After this period of one to three years, most young monks return to lay life, going on to marry and begin a family.

It is important therefore that Samanera maintain their education whilst studying to find Nirvana. The novice monks will spend afternoons studying regular subjects including English language. The level of knowledge of English is beginner and volunteers are needed to help raise their standards.

Fact file

Classes are 1 - 2 hours a day in the afternoon, 5 days a week.


Placements are available:

January - February
June - September
November - December


Volunteers will be met at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport.


First two weeks - £359
Three weeks - £489
Four weeks - £619
£90 each additional week thereafter